Silicone Rubber Sponge Sheet 每 ESD
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Silicone Rubber Sponge Sheet – ESD

Yureka offers custom silicone rubber sponge sheet to customer upon request.
Managing electrostatic discharge is critical for electronic industries – an unwanted static discharge can damage sensitive electronics and static discharge in the presence of fuel can be catastrophic.

Silicone rubber sponge with T62 conductive coating is used in the electronic packaging industry as gaskets on test chambers and burn-in reflow ovens. The soft silicone rubber sponge rubber cushions integrated circuits and components during thermal testing cycles. Silicone has a wide operating temperature range – it stays compliant at sub-zero temperatures and is stable at temperatures above 392°F (200°C), making it an ideal material for burn-in and reflow applications. Stockwell Elastomerics’ T62 conductive coating is applied to surfaces to create a grounding path to prevent tribocharging on the rubber surface.

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